Update September 7 2018

Good morning, it’s no surprise to say the sun is shining again, although we are having a few more cloudy and wet days now, this summer has been amazing, officially the best for a generation I believe.

I think the first thing I need to mention this week is that tonight we have an EGM meeting at the Club.  A small sub-committee including myself, Anna Brooke, Steve Gregory, Charles Penfold and David Wood have been working since Spring on seeking to make the future of the Club more secure both financially and in its legal structure.  A lot of time and effort has been expended for the benefit of the Club.  Unfortunately it appears that a few of the members did not receive notice of the meeting more than fourteen days before it was due to be held. It transpires that some of the notices were not stamped. This mistake is that of the Post Office who were paid to do it.

Tonight’s meeting will go ahead, but it will not be an EGM as a result of the error.  The members present will not be asked to pass any binding votes. I will not go into any more detail about tonight’s meeting, we will deal with that this evening. What I would like to do is publicly thank Charles Penfold who is a retired lawyer and has given a tremendous amount of time and effort to this important matter.
I hope to see lots of you in the Bill Gibbon Room at 18.30 hrs this evening.

As today is the first Friday of the month we will be holding the 200 Club Draw tonight. The draw usually takes place at 19.30 hrs, tonight we will hold it as soon as we can after we clear the EGM meeting.
This evenings draw is the first of a new year so there is the ideal opportunity to get involved with this fun and valuable Club activity by joining tonight.   If you haven’t renewed your membership of this then you will be able to do so before the draw.  I would like to thank Sue and Chris Opperman for taking responsibility for the draw, they do a great job, it is good fun, a very good value draw for members which also generates some much appreciated funds for the Club. Thank you Mr and Mrs Opperman!

Right! Sailing. We have a very busy weekend for the Club and it’s sailing members with a whole cornucopia of events!

The Club’s cruiser racers are racing in the Haven Series, Races 7 & 8, these races also count towards the Cutler Team Racing Trophy so hopefully the team of Crikey, Zero Gravitas and Blue Beeste will be making sure the Wilkinson Sword Trophy stays firmly in its rightful place in the Bar.

Good luck to all the Club boats out racing this weekend in both the IRC and Haven Handicap classes.

Some of the sailors who would normally be on the racing yachts are busy sailing dinghies at some big events.  Simon Hipkin, Geoff Parker and David Evans are all sailing Hadrons at the National Championships in Herne Bay. James Oxley is taking his boat to the Phantom National Championships at Felixstowe. I wish them all the very best of luck, I hope they have a great weekend, I am a little jealous, I would like to have gone too but I have a wedding to go to tomorrow then I will be on B.B. on Sunday. As I’ve mentioned before, this is almost certainly going to be our last season racing the X332 and we can, this weekend, clinch the Haven Series for, I think the fifteenth time during Charlie’s and mine yacht racing career, we will both miss it.

It is very sad that yacht racing nationally and of course on the East Coast has declined so dramatically, we have had a great time stretching over nearly forty years.
We have Autumn Series Race 2 programmed for Sunday but with the majority of sailors elsewhere and the race officers all involved in other activities we have postponed this race, my apologies but I think it is the only sensible action.

There is an OnBoard session tomorrow morning, I believe it is at 09.30 hrs, I think it is now fully booked.
I am aware the Club’s cruisers didn’t go to the Medway but I believe some of them are still out enjoying this fantastic summer weather, happy cruising.

Let me bring you up to date with some of the other Club events coming up.

I have already mentioned tonight’s meeting and the 200 Club Draw.

Tomorrow we have two visiting yacht clubs with us. We have Felixstowe Ferry and Woodbridge Cruising Club, we look forward to welcoming them both.

On Sunday we will have our normal Sunday Carvery.

We will be having a Steak Night on Wednesday, if you haven’t been lately then I can assure you Pete’s steaks are worth coming out for!

We will be having another OnBoard session at 14.30 hrs on Saturday 15th, as far as I am aware there are still vacancies.

Our Wine Tasting Evening is on Friday 21st, tickets are available at the bar. All funds raised go to the Club’s Centenary Fund. There are an excellent selection of wines from Marks and Spencer that are being provided by Stephen Wilkinson.

A heads up that we are having a Macmillan Coffee Morning on Saturday 29th, this will be held in the upstairs function rooms of the Club. There will be various games and attractions to raise funds for a very worthwhile cause. A poster will follow in next weeks Update.

Chris Bridgewater has asked me to mention that Shotley are coming for their Annual Quiz with us on 29th September he needs members for the Club’s team, come on and use your brain for the Club.

I am sure some of you are aware that the Southampton Boat Show begins on 14th September. We have a Club interest in this as Chris and Anna Brooke are involved in the new boat being built by Landamores which is making its debut at the show.

The Club has been offered discounted tickets for the Show, the details are below, please make use of this generous offer.

I mentioned last week that Lesley Lord ( our resident artist) was holding an Open day at her cottage. I am delighted to advise you that £1,723 was raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

I think that is about it for this week, I apologise if I have left anything out, it has been rather a hectic morning trying to get this written along with dealing with preparation for the EGM this evening……………

I look forward to seeing you tonight and around the Club this coming week.