Update November 2

Good morning, I am a bit late writing this today but it is a beautiful sunny morning.
What better day could our cruisers have for their trip up to Ipswich for the Fireworks? I hope they have a really good final cruise of the year.
It was good to have a group of them in last night for a pre cruise supper.

We are fortunate to have such a beautiful place for our sailing. We have rebuilt the club with tremendous success. We now have a modern club house with up to the moment facilities and room to grow.
The Yacht Trust have invested heavily in the surrounding areas of the club and the work that has been carried out in the past few months has resulted in vastly improved mooring facilities and is helping to make the club a must visit destination for visiting yachtsmen and club cruises.
The one thing we have been struggling with over the past years is the silting up of the approaches to and the waters surrounding the club.
Over the past few years we have had some success with flushing the mud around the pontoons and slipways. Moreno Riva and Andy Evans, in particular, have been involved with this.
It is clear that we must try harder to reverse the silting up of our ‘backyard’ and this is now becoming a priority.
On Monday I led a small group including Simon Hipkin and Paul Burnage to Arundel Yacht Club in Littlehampton. Arundel experience similar silting problems to us and have developed a craft to agitate the mud and disperse it into the ebbing tide. We are enthusiastic and optimistic that we can develop a similar craft to help us deal with our silting challenges. I will keep you informed of how it goes.

Last weekend we should have sailed the last race in the Autumn Series but with the conditions being poor the decision was made to cancel the race.
The outcome was that Sue Wood won Class 2 and I managed to win Class 1. The next club dinghy racing is the Snowball Race on Boxing Day.

Steve has advised me that the subscription renewals this year are going very well. To date we have had 65% of all subscriptions renewed, this is up on the same time last year.
Thank you to all members who have renewed, we look forward to hearing from the remaining 35%!

Right, some news of what is happening in your club house.
Tonight we have the November 200 Club Draw. As I mentioned last week, Sue and Chris are away so we have the lovely Georgia and her son Harry taking over proceedings tonight, should be fun!
We also have a Curry Buffet Evening tonight. Pete’s curries are legendary and there is a good selection so do come along. Serving starts at 1800 hrs.
Tomorrow we have a private party during the day in our function rooms but the bar and Dining Room will be open as usual both lunchtime and evening.
On Sunday we are reverting to summer hours for the Carvery due to the cruisers returning from their firework cruise. The lunchtime Carvery will finish at 1430 then the Dining Room will reopen at 1800 through to 2000hrs.
We will be holding our Steak Night on Wednesday then on Thursday evening we have Wivenhoe and Rowhedge Sailing Club visiting us. Our guests enjoy a Carvery so we will be offering it to our members too.

Next weekend we have a busy day on Sunday, it is Remembrance Day.
The Lifeboat crew and their families will be returning from the Remembrance service at Walton Church at midday.
This is a significant day for me as it is the last time I will be laying a wreath as Commodore of your club. It is a duty I have particularly enjoyed, it has been an honour, a somber but emotional duty to perform.
It has become our custom to offer the club’s function rooms to our Lifeboat crew for a post service buffet and it’s always a busy day.
If you wish to eat in the dining room at lunchtime I recommend you book.

I am aware this is getting to be quite a long Update again this week so I am going to finish now but I want to remind you that the Black Tie Dinner is coming up on 8th December followed by the AGM on Sunday 9th.
One final thing, I often remark on Tina and Pete’s excellent service to the club but I don’t tend to mention the rest of the B&C staff. I want to put that right now by publicly thanking Chris, Sandra, Bex, Harry and Kirsty for all their hard work too. We really appreciate all you do to serve us at our club.
That is it, I will finish as always by saying that I look forward to seeing you around the club in the coming week.