Pipped by Shotley

Last Saturday (29th September) the club welcomed ten members from Shotley Point Yacht Club for the annual interclub quiz.  We were pleased to be joined on the evening by sixteen other members from Walton and Frinton (so 18 in total).  This year we were the host club which meant that the quiz was written and delivered by the Shotley quizmaster.

Prior to the quiz, a three course meal was served upstairs (there being another group in the main dining room), thanks to our catering and front of

house staff. Once the meal had been cleared, two additional tables were set up to allow our members to be divided into teams of four or five (matching the Shotley tables) and the quiz commenced. The quiz consisted of five rounds: In the News, Music with a nautical connection, Sweet things, General knowledge and a Photograph round (Identify everyday objects taken from odd angles). Regrettably once all the scores were totted up and averaged Shotley came out on top so took the

trophy away again. Despite this it was an evening of fun and good company, well received by everyone who came along

My thanks to Gill (Bridgwater) who liaised with Shotley and made the arrangements at our end, and also to all of the Walton and Frinton members who took part. Hope you enjoyed the evening.


Chris Bridgwater