Newly-wed James wins again!

The final race in the  Spring Series for dinghies took place on Sunday.
The weather was a little overcast and some vivious squalls passed through during the race keeping the sailors on their toes or as it turned out on their upturned boats recovering from a capsize!
James Oxley in his Phantom had only to finish the race to win the series, the fact that he got married less than twenty four hours earlier wasn’t going to stop him from completing the job!
The first leg was a good beat to Twizzle Buoy, Martin Jenkins in his Phantom got a perfect start right on the pin end of the line and to windward of the whole fleet.
Oxley started cleanly a little further down the line and the two Phantoms were soon locked in their usual tussle for the lead.
Jenkins was able to round the windward mark a few boat lengths ahead of his young rival but a strong squall coupled with the shallow water round the mark resulted in Jenkins capsizing making his gybe, Oxley threw his boat into the gybe too but suffered the same result. The two Phantoms quickly righted and recovered but Oxley used his thirty six year age advantage to excellent effect, righted quicker and shot off into the lead.
The rest of the fleet had their own problems rounding the mark, Dom Jacobs sailing his Laser had the first of a few capsizes as he rounded too.
With a long fast reach up to No. 13 Buoy the two Phantoms stretched into an unassailable lead from the rest of the fleet, Petra Potasse and Steve Gregory sailed a conservative race, not risking their spinnaker but following the Phantoms round the course.
James Oxley sailed his Phantom very competently and kept Jenkins behind him to the finish.
The result of the final race was another win for Oxley to clinch the series, Jenkins was second and Jacobs beat the Javelin of Potasse and Gregory to finish third.
The next race is Summer Series 1 which is on Sunday 9th June.