Naze Christmas Ramble 2018

Following 24hours of strong winds and heavy rain a party of twenty or so club members and two dogs met up on Walton sea front to begin todays ramble in brilliant sunshine and light wind.

Once everyone was assembled, booted up and ready to go, the party set off towards the Naze past the Coastguard station and then onto the promenade before climbing to the top of the Naze to collect a few extra walkers and use the facilities. As it was quite a low tide, the group descended back to the beach to continue the walk around the bottom of the Naze for a change from the usual clifftop walk.  On the way, the walkers enjoyed a spectacular view of the cliffs (and their erosion).

We continued along the beach until the cliffs were no more and the top of the Naze came down to sea level, and transferred across to the sea-wall where we would continue to walk. Apart from the human walkers our two canine companions, Barney and Mazey, were having a great time chasing about and generally causing chaos, but it was really nice to see them both enjoying their outing. Soon afterwards a small group left the main party to follow a slightly less arduous route back to their cars and the yacht club.

Meanwhile, the main party made its way around to the Walton Channel and followed the curve of the seawall around to the South and back towards their cars. By now many of the main party had started to shed layers as the December sun proved really warm, what a great day for a walk!

After about another hour of walking along the seawall we past the Cardinal buoy at the entrance of the Walton Creek, walked around the caravan site and past the swimming pool and back to our waiting cars park on the seafront, for the short drive back to the club.

The majority of the ramblers were joined by a few other club members for a really good lunch in the club dining room.  Our thanks to the club’s catering and front of house staff for all their efforts on our behalf, but especially to Roly Jarrold who  organised the walk, booked the dining room and somehow conjured up some brilliant winter sunshine for us all to enjoy.

Chris Bridgwater (Lollipop)