Jenkins win makes it tight at the top

There was a good entry for Summer Series Race 3 on Sunday with the warm breeze of between eight and twelve knots perfect for sailing and the scene was set for a good race with the start from the Committee boat in the Twizzle.

Fleet 2 was first away. The two Jewels of Tony Blake and Robin Cooper were first across the line with Blake getting the best position over his wily old rival.Cooper was able to deal with the foul tide beat better and rounded first, a lead he maintained to the finish.

The main competition, as usual was in Fleet 1. With a good battle for supremacy, the start was a keenly contested event as the tightly bunched fleet had all the contenders vying for the favoured Committee Boat end of the line.

Dominic Jacobs in his Laser made the best job of a difficult line but was baulked  by John Summerfield also in a Laser trying to squeeze in to space that wasn’t there.

The two Phantoms of James Oxley and Martin Jenkins were right up behind the two Lasers and were able to power past them within a few minutes of starting. The competition between the Phantoms has been intense this year and Oxley was sailing immaculately keeping just ahead of his rival.

The race was a long one, the two Phantoms were never more than twenty seconds apart at the turning marks and as they set off for the long run down to Wade Buoy they were almost side by side.

Oxley rounded Wade with a couple of boat lengths lead but the final leg was a long beat in what had become a very shifty breeze.

The two Phantoms exchanged tacks and the lead as they beat up the Twizzle but it was Jenkins who managed to break away and lead the fleet home to finish thirty seconds ahead of his rival.

Dominic Jacobs sailed a good race keeping close to TIm Oxley in his Hadron and ahead of the rest of the fleet. Jacobs crossed the line eight minutes behind the leader and was just six seconds behind Oxley for third place.

The win gives Jenkins a narrow lead going into the penultimate race in the series which is on Sunday 21st July.

A mention has to be made of Paul Burnage who sailed his Wayfarer round single handed and managed to finish in fourth place, an excellent effort.