Hybrid weather and a hybrid boat

The club’s penultimate cruise of the season was attended by five club boats (10 members) . Berths had been reserved for seven boats at the RHYC for Friday 12th Oct and Saturday 13th.  In the event, a very poor weather forecast (strong wind on Friday and Saturday and together with  persistent rain on Sunday) meant that only the Brooke’s aboard their beautiful new “hybrid powered” “Kimaru” travelled on Friday.

The remainder of the crews met up on Saturday morning to decide how to use the weekend with most deciding that as the weather was not as bad as had been forecast they would set off as soon as the tide allowed.  After a short sail in the increasingly warm conditions our boats arrived at the Royal Harwich and were soon moored up on the allotted berths.  Shortly afterwards the crews of Mistress and Lollipop headed off for a walk up to Pinmill and a much needed drink at the Butt and Oyster.

Before enjoying an evening meal in the clubhouse, Anna and Chris kindly invited the other crews aboard Kimaru for a pre-meal drink and to show off their new boat, which had recently returned from the Southampton boat show.  Apart from a very high quality fit out, the boat has two diesel engines and one electric drive.  My understanding is that the high performance batteries are charged from the mains (when plugged in), plus solar panels and the diesel engines when they are running, this gives four hours of “electric” only running (for a more accurate description you’ll need to talk to Anna or Chris, I’m afraid). Thanks to Anna and Chris for their hospitality.

The meal at the club this year was pretty good and we were looked after pretty well by the club’s catering staff.

The return journey had promised to be wet with lighter wind but most boats sailed back down the river in warm, dry weather which only deteriorated later in the day and when most boats were moored up.  All in all a great weekend enjoyed by all participants. Well done again to Roly Jarrold for organising!