Dip, dip, dip…

Autumn Series Race 3


A dozen dinghies launched on another sunny afternoon for Race 3 in the Walton and Frinton Yacht Club Autumn Series.

Jenkins avoided the wet stuff in blustery conditions.


The start was delayed due to the tide being slow at rising but Race Officer Alec Moss set the slower boats in Class 2 off at 1550 with the faster boats at 1555.

Sue Wood in her Laser 4.7 had a perfect start and led the Newland twins in their 4.7s and Robin Cooper in his Jewel.

Sophie Newland had to retire due to gear failure but Eleanor kept up her recent good run by sailing excellently and pulling away to win from Robin Cooper in the Jewel. Sue wood finished third.

When the faster boats started Martin Jenkins judged his run to the line perfectly and led the chasing Hadron of Geoff Parker to the gybe point at the corner of the Twizzle. Unfortunately Parker gybed during a gust and suffered a spectacular capsize allowing the TOY of Glen Bacon and the National Twelve sailed by Simon Hipkin to chase the early leader.

Bacon was going well and gaining on the Phantom in the gusty conditions but then he too suffered gear failure as his forestry broke resulting in his total rig sliding gracefully into the water.

Hipkin was handling the tricky conditions well and with Parker having recovered from his swim Jenkins in his Phantom has to keep his wits about him to maintain his lead.

Hipkin misjudged the water depth around Watch gybe mark and ended up with a swim ending his challenge.

The beat to the finish in what turned out to be a small tide was challenging but Jenkins was able to cross the line far enough ahead of the Hadron to win the race and take a strong position in the series.

Harry Triffit did well to take third place in his Laser a couple of minutes ahead of Paul and Harry Burnage in their Wayfarer.

The next race is on Sunday 30th September.


Class 1

1st Martin Jenkins, Phantom

2nd Geoff Parker, Hadron

3rd Harry Triffit, Laser


Class 2

1st Eleanor Newland, Laser 4.7

2nd Robin Cooper, Jewel

3rd Sue Wood, Laser 4.7