Abberton a good place for a gander

After a drab rainy beginning to the day the sun came out just in time for 24 ramblers to start one of the circular walks from the visitors’ centre passing through fields and over two causeways. It was a bit too cold to stop to feed the birds in the reservoir but, in fact, most seemed to be hiding from the wind and cold anyway.  We did, however, have three geese walking with us at one stage all honking at the same time for food, which raised the question as to whether they were going to be our food later! On our return to the Visitors Centre several non-ramblers joined us for lunch and a few left for home. Kath, the Catering Manager, reserved seats for all (reservations do not usually happen) and produced a very nice beef casserole and various other light meals which were ordered in advance.

Abberton Reservoir has an interesting history, with the RAF using the reservoir to practice low-level flying in the Lancasters in preparation for the Dambusters raid in 1943.  Its main purpose nowadays is providing 1.5 million customers with drinking water, but it is also an important site for breeding birds and works in partnership with the Essex Wildlife Trust. Sailing and fishing are not allowed. Essex & Suffolk water has put in 10km. of new permissive rights of way in the vicinity and so there are plenty of options for walking in the area,

We all had a good time and it was nice to catch up with everyone one way or the other.