Update September 28

Good morning. I said last week that the weather seemed to be breaking, that there were gale force winds coming on Sunday. As it turned out Friday and Saturday were the windier days.
I was playing golf on Friday and the golf course was pretty bleak with gusts of up to forty knots but the golf was surprisingly respectable.
Because of the forecast the Haven Series organisers took the decision to cancel Sunday’s Race so Blue Beeste’s sevice at the club ended on Saturday. Well done to Geoff and his crew in Crikey who took their last chance to record a victory over her sister ship. There is a report on the website.
I would like to wish Geoff, his partners and all their crew the best in whatever racing there is on this coast next year.
On that matter, Rick Farrance has advised me that there was a meeting last night to decide the future of the Haven Series, I will try and advise you of the outcomes next week.
Whatever the outcome, I would like to thank Bill Gibbon and all the other good guys that started the series more than forty years ago. We have raced four different boats over almost the entire history of the series and it has been fantastic.

Last Friday night Stephen Wilkinson hosted a wine tasting evening with the support of the company he works for, Marks and Spencer. It was a shame that only twenty five people turned up as it was a really excellent evening.
Thank you Stephen for putting on an excellent event, it was great fun and the Centenary Fund benefits from the money raised.

The club has been quite a busy place throughout the week. Monday evening was the last one we are opening now until the Spring, we revert to the bar only opening from Wednesday to Sunday but each lunchtime.
On Wednesday we had a Steak Night, a pretty good turnout, we will have one next week but it is the last one for a couple of weeks as Pete and Bex are taking some well earned holiday.
We will have continuity of catering whilst our chef is away as Harry and Tina will keep the service going.
Yesterday we had our ladies lunching and Roger took a couple of the diners out for a trip up the river in Payasu.

In the morning the club is hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning. I think we have all had friends and family who have been given comfort by this incredible free service to victims of cancer and other life ending illnesses. The coffee morning is a nationwide event and a chance for us to give just a tiny bit back to support these angels. it is not too late if you can bake a cake or some biscuits to bring along…….. there is a poster attached.
We also have an Onboard session which starts at 1300 hours.

Tomorrow evening we have two visiting clubs. We have St Edmundsbury Yacht Club dining with us and we have Shotley here for their annual quiz with our members. We are still looking for team members to help us win this annual event. There is an optional supper first, if you can join in there is a list in the usual place in the foyer.

On Sunday we have Race 4 in the Autumn Series, start time is 1400

As I already mentioned, we will be having a Steak Night on Wednesday.

Friday evening at 1930hrs we will be holding the second round of our 200 Club Draw so we can look forward to Team Oppers doing there thing, surely I can’t win twice running…………….

Right, I am getting near the end of this week’s missive, I can soon get back to watching the Ryder Cup! A couple of things to mention first.
The coffee which is available to members whilst the bar is closed has been a bit taken for granted. The club is subsidising this pretty heavily so it has been decided that when the bar is open the coffee and tea will be moved to behind the bar and won’t be available.
I believe there are some members who prefer the instant coffee to the filter coffee we sell so instant coffee will be able to be purchased for 70p from the bar when it is open from October 1. Can I please remind members to please put some money into the box if you make a coffee at any time.
Finally just to let you know that it has been decided to postpone the Casino Night which was planned to raise funds for The Centenary Project until further notice. I will let you know when I know what the details are.

That, I think, is it for this week, I look forward to seeing you around your club in the coming week.